Cover Image The Lucky Guy

The Lucky Guy

N/A (56 ch)
Cover Image Remake Toko

Remake Toko

リメイクトーコ (5 ch)
Cover Image Manhwa Summer Vacation

Manhwa Summer Vacation

여름방학 (90 ch)
Cover Image Wanna live by the countryside?

Wanna live by the countryside?

시골에서 같이 살까? / Shall We Live Together in the Country? / ¿Viviremos juntos en el campo? (1 ch)
Cover Image Athlete’s Strong Sex Drive

Athlete’s Strong Sex Drive

アスリート女子は性欲が強い?~純粋少女がエッチに溺れるまで~ (12 ch)

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2,439 Ongoing
Ever dreamed about your friend’s wife? How about a charming masseur, or a MILF who’s hired you as a tutor? In Sexual Exploits, an array of characters share their juiciest sexual experiences. Toeing the line between reality and fantasy, these […]

Ch. 79

2,310 Ongoing
Hana thought she would only be haunted by the demons of the past, however, she soon learns that demons come in many shapes and sizes. After coming in contact with lust demon Luxuria, Hana soon finds herself wanted by just […]

Ch. 45

1,980 Ongoing
“Hyung had sex with my girlfriend in front of me”…. Jung-min accidentally witnesses the sex of his girlfriend, Da-Yeon, and his older brother, Chan-woo; and he feels the excitement of losing his lover for an unknown reason. It’s the first […]

Ch. 20

889 Ongoing
The start of a dangerous new life with my ex-girlfriend’s sister.

Ch. 34

1,995 Ongoing
After failing his university entrance exams, a normal boy named Song Yoonho starts preparing for his civil servant exam. After having a dream during one of his classes, he wakes up and starts to see status windows?! [Mission: Have a […]

Ch. 18

641 Ongoing
As a couple starts to get distant from each other, they get offered to join their company’s secret club.

Ch. 160

1,031 Ongoing
0.4 seconds… For 0.4 seconds, I’ve bet my life on everything to train up to this moment. For a long time, I’ve thought about why I couldn’t beat this delinquent… When I was at the lowest point in my life, […]

Ch. 49

1,110 Ongoing
Choi Taeshik lives a quiet, normal life. He works hard at the office, tame good care of his body occasionally goes on dates, and tries his best to be a responsible adult. One day, two sisters down on their luck […]

Ch. 23

635 Ongoing
Even angels give in to temptation. Once God’s right-hand warrior, the archangel Agnes has succumbed to desire and formed a contract with Lucifer, the ruler of demons. Now a fallen angel, she poses as a simple taxi driver and patrols […]

Ch. 20

2,299 Ongoing
Seungbin who finally got into the prestigious university lives with a mysterious roommate. The next day, he attempts to greet his roommate in anticipation… The person lying on the bed is a woman?! His bland college life has started to […]

Ch. 23

919 Ongoing
Abandoned the heroes’ party but the demon lord’s army is better? Succubus maid, the demon lord’s daughter, married Suin, dragon… Getting seduced by all the different types of women, is this the start of the mc’s harem? “Are you confident? […]

Ch. 13

1,224 Ongoing
Shim Jae Seop was shocked by the sudden breakup notice. The three members, Soo Ah, Si Hyun, and Ae Ri, comforted the injured Jae Seop and drank together. But… What happened? And… “What do I do now?”

Ch. 70

757 Ongoing
Three girls, one guy, team project, easy, right? But what happens when the project… turns non-academic? #Follow me to find out!

Ch. 5

1,280 Ongoing
Jun-Bae finally achieved his dream of being a chauffeur driving expensive foreign cars. Whilst living inside the residence, he develops relationships with the milf, the daughters, and the female employees in the mansion…

Ch. 16

584 Ongoing
Ever since she married rich hottie Seon Moon-hyuk, people began to call Jo Eunae the ‘Cinderella of the 21st Century’. But Eunae’s life is no fairy tale, and her marriage… well, it’s barely even real! Imagine still being a virgin […]

Ch. 41

382 Ongoing
I’m cumming from just my nipples… don’t look…! When I played with the plain girl’s sensitive tips, her privates were already dripping wet…

Ch. 15

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757 Ongoing
Three girls, one guy, team project, easy, right? But what happens when the project… turns non-academic? #Follow me to find out!

Ch. 5

1,736 Ongoing
On a heavy rainy night, the sister next door, who disappeared 15 years ago, reappeared in wet clothes. The longer you spend time with them, the more you are drawn to yet suspicious of Sehee Noonan, who came as a […]

Ch. 2

1,110 Ongoing
Since his childhood, he has only been chasing Sooyi’s back. Sooyi kept trying to reject him under the pretext that he was too young for her, but she was the only woman for him. However, Sooyi got married during his […]

Ch. 4

1,208 Ongoing
“Do you intend to stare at this virgin of a girl…?” One day, I picked up a girl who was flowing down a river. She had pink hair, rosy skin, and her nipples too… While the only visible characteristic was […]

Ch. 6

2,143 Ongoing
After being discharged from the military, Jinwoo started working as a share house manager in his hometown. He accidentally reunites with his childhood bully friends. ‘Can things be different now…?’

Ch. 1

1,790 Ongoing
An ability to make debt of “1 million” overnight bring new meaning to his boring life. “Please… Let me pay the debt with my body…”

Ch. 40

2,019 Ongoing
The most beautiful thing on earth is a woman’s panty. If the person who uses the Panty Note sees a woman’s panty, they will be able to have sex with that woman.

Ch. 109

796 Ongoing
TAE-WOONG decided to go to his hometown to see his friend after 10 years for the summer vacation. His unforgettable summer break starts now!

Ch. 94

1,501 Ongoing
Eun-Seol, who always took care of me and played with me when my friends didn’t play with me because I was sick. The problem is that even when you become an adult, you treat them like a baby. In the […]

Ch. 1

733 Ongoing
One little toy started it all. One tiny little toy. Office romance, secrets, and a bunch of… Come join in on the office fun.

Ch. 8

1,094 Ongoing
One day, amidst a life of daily jerkoffs, Junhyun saves “Jin Ahyoung.” After experiencing Junhyun’s extraordinary massage abilities, Ahyoung introduces him to a female-only esthetic shop… and Junhyun discovers that his massages arouse women?

Ch. 1

1,931 Ongoing
Moontak is a jobless man who has been living at his girlfriend’s house for two years after being discharged from the military. At the club where he secretly visits, he learns the secret of his prospective sister-in-law, “Youngah,” and received […]

Ch. 1

1,076 Ongoing
She’s polite and reserved, but when I see how the wetsuit clings to her flushed skin and perfectly plump body…I can’t stop thrusting!

Ch. 7

823 Ongoing
“He didn’t touch me again today.” Nanami, a full-time housewife, is frustrated. Her husband, Manabu, is a busy doctor, and he always comes home late. He never eats her cooking nor has sex with her. She’s spent her days losing […]

Ch. 59

1,029 Ongoing
Kyungho, whose girlfriend suddenly wanted to break up with him, went for a drink with his female friend Seung Ah and told her that all women were the same. Seung Ah was too furious about what he said..”Will you get […]

Ch. 17

386 Ongoing
Eun Woo’s never been one for attention. She’s kept her head low in the palace ever since she first arrived, and all she’s focused on is doing a good job. Her peaceful life is broken, however, when the prince calls […]

Ch. 60

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14,702 Ongoing
Secret Class is about a wife of two cheating on her husband with whom she has two daughters and a boy they took in.

Ch. 165

7,591 Ongoing
Jun-woo, a freshman, is lodging at a friend’s house near the school. While being cared for by Mikyung, the mistress of the boarding house, one day I see her watching a secret video in her room… “Auntie… I’ve seen it […]

Ch. 128

7,192 Ongoing
Seowoo is a boy who has never had intimate relationships, but he did not know that from a video he saw on the internet he discovers the secret of his young stepmother and his friends, this will make them more […]

Ch. 147

5,062 Ongoing
It’s the generation of the Corona outbreak! Due to a shortage of medical personnel, “Hwang Gwangho,” an intern doctor, was forcibly assigned to a place called “Mermaid Village.” One day, he meets “Hyeyeon,” one of the village’s Haen-Yeos who is […]

Ch. 32

4,674 Ongoing
Hae-Seong is staying at his mom’s friend’s house whose name is Yona. He thought it would be enough to study well at school but the top students are good at love too. “The classroom wasn’t only for studying…?!”

Ch. 80

4,604 Ongoing
At the age of 13, Dolsoe, who blushed just looking at the youngest woman, soon grew up to be a strong young man. There is a different tension between the woman who has become more mature and beautiful and her […]

Ch. 49

4,408 Ongoing
Kim Jinsoo ends up moving in with his personal bully… Will he be able to find love between his bully and his crush?

Ch. 120

4,022 Ongoing
“Can’t… keep my… voice down.” Nii-chan thrusting in me again and again. We shouldn’t be doing this as siblings… so, why does it feel this good…?

Ch. 86

3,742 Ongoing
JUN-SUK moves to the city to attend college, and what welcomed him were the breasts of her mother’s friend. Living with MI-YUNG, he finds it hard to control his urges whenever he’s with the mature, sexy lady.

Ch. 67

3,607 Ongoing
Mirae, the second of the sisters, married a successful middle-aged man with a lot of money and set up a house in a two-story house. However, when the husband’s son, who was unable to attend the wedding to study abroad, […]

Ch. 3

3,415 Ongoing
After 7 years of unrequited love towards Jung Eunkyung who was only interested in Park Kyutae, Park Hyungsoo started to have feelings for his older brother’s wife. Besides Jung Eunkyung and Da Boyoung, Hyungsoo felt also attracted towards other women… […]

Ch. 111.5

2,991 Ongoing
Ho-Seung, an unpopular office worker who works for one of the largest corporations in Korea, is crouched over like a sinner because he was accused of setting up a camera in the women’s bathroom. In the end, however, he was […]

Ch. 176

2,819 Ongoing
“Oh, crazy..!! That’s wearing or naked!?” Swimming pool Alba suddenly came to the request of an acquaintance. Byung-jin, who knew how to make her eyes stand out with the dizzying women’s swimming clothes, accidentally suffers from a major accident in […]

Ch. 101

2,701 Ongoing
Will Junie be able to touch Darla the way Darla touches him?

Ch. 256

2,621 Ongoing
After getting hit by lightning, he starts seeing a girl’s sensitive area! And now he can make them excited with just a slight touch. “I can’t take it anymore!” But why are some lights in a different color? An exciting, […]

Ch. 29

2,539 Ongoing
“You want to eat it too? Married woman! I’ll tell you everything.” Sang-Hyeon, a lecturer at an academy at Mosolada. One day, the sound of a moan heard in an empty lecture room, Sanghyun discovers the scene of star instructor […]

Ch. 88