Cover Image Love Square

Love Square

일탈 : 즐거운 나의 집 (131 ch)
Cover Image Weak Point

Weak Point

약점, Weakness (120 ch)
Cover Image Ibitsu (OKADA Kazuto)

Ibitsu (OKADA Kazuto)

いびつ, 扭曲的同居生活, Distorted (64 ch)
Cover Image Can’t Believe My Loner Childhood Friend Became This Sexy Girl

Can’t Believe My Loner Childhood Friend Became This Sexy Girl

Can’t Believe My Loner Childhood Friend Became This Sexy Girl (7 ch)
Cover Image With Chloe

With Chloe

With Chloe (38 ch)

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216 Ongoing
“Isn’t it exciting to imagine roughly banging an innocent teacher?” Big breasts, is kind, has a nice voice, and puts her students first. She is the perfect teacher, and I’m gonna confess after graduating. Huh? Is she’s gonna quit and […]

Ch. 16

1,196 Ongoing
“Oh, crazy..!! That’s wearing or naked!?” Swimming pool Alba suddenly came to the request of an acquaintance. Byung-jin, who knew how to make her eyes stand out with the dizzying women’s swimming clothes, accidentally suffers from a major accident in […]

Ch. 88

407 Ongoing
“From now on, I’m going to fuck her, so you film it”. The only person in the hellish school that gave me warm harm was the class president, ‘Choi Suen’ but her enemies try to harm her by force… Can […]

Ch. 10

166 Ongoing
After going to live at his childhood friend’s house to attend college in the city, he sees her doing something naughty. “It’s not fair if only you saw, I should see something of yours too”. Soon their relationship gets a […]

Ch. 12

251 Ongoing
One day during my normal college life. A girl, insisting she’s a succubus, tries to have sex with me. But… she says I stole her powers, so now I have to gather energy if I want to live? Since that […]

Ch. 10

2,282 Ongoing
Ho-Seung, an unpopular office worker who works for one of the largest corporations in Korea, is crouched over like a sinner because he was accused of setting up a camera in the women’s bathroom. In the end, however, he was […]

Ch. 165

1,041 Ongoing
Si-Hoon is raising his daughter alone while living the life of an idol in the past and a composer now. He accidentally browses his daughter’s SNS and falls in love with his ideal girl. Then, one day, Si-Hoon crosses the […]

Ch. 70

222 Ongoing
Seungbin who finally got into the prestigious university lives with a mysterious roommate. The next day, he attempts to greet his roommate in anticipation… The person lying on the bed is a woman?! His bland college life has started to […]

Ch. 8

153 Ongoing
I came across an app for a virgin like me. [ Welcome to the ”Heroine app”]. Can I use this app to conquer the girls I like? I must try to know!

Ch. 3

145 Ongoing
Havi is the girl who has it all. Money, looks, boys, you name it. She’s got everything she could ever want… except for one thing. Her new boyfriend’s virginity! Eager to have some fun with the guy she’s hounded for […]

Ch. 179

102 Ongoing
“At your limit already? Looks like you really are just a little brat.” She approached him with romantic feelings built up over the span of ten whole years, but neither her kissing nor her touch could compete with an adult’s…

Ch. 18

280 Ongoing
Say goodbye to the never-ending job hunt, the exciting and vibrant days are ahead. But it doesn’t make any sense that you’re my boss, my bully in high school! There are bad rumors about his boss, Hye-Jung. That’s how I’ll […]

Ch. 24

192 Ongoing
A walk down memory lane of school memories filled with studying and bullying. After graduation, each student who was a senior of Class 5 receives a message to participate in an alumni reunion. No one knows who sent the message. […]

Ch. 6

833 Ongoing
Hi, I’m Kaleb, a freshman in college. I have no friends so I joined a club with three other girls. I wonder how my life’ll be now…

Ch. 37

711 Ongoing
Sangwook and Soeun were on a honeymoon trip and accidentally ran into Jonghoon and Juhee. During the trip the 4 people have a good opinion of their companions, but when they drink and play, the atmosphere gets hotter and hotter, […]

Ch. 152

1,104 Ongoing
Jae-ho, a part-time student forced to work in a ‘Kid Cafe spent his difficult day with polarized mothers with the promise that his childhood friend will not tell him in front of his parents that he was having sex in […]

Ch. 37

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153 Ongoing
I came across an app for a virgin like me. [ Welcome to the ”Heroine app”]. Can I use this app to conquer the girls I like? I must try to know!

Ch. 3

129 Ongoing
Jackson’s girlfriend returns after months of no contact as someone else’s wife…!

Ch. 18

208 Ongoing
Kyungho, whose girlfriend suddenly wanted to break up with him, went for a drink with his female friend Seung Ah and told her that all women were the same. Seung Ah was too furious about what he said..”Will you get […]

Ch. 3

124 Ongoing
Loki Laufeyson, a student studying abroad charged with stealing Thor’s hammer, ‘Mjolnir’ which disappeared overnight. A spectacular harem lives with the beautiful goddesses who will come into contact with him to find the missing Thor’s hammer.

Ch. 6

268 Ongoing
Washing the dishes was a pain, so he didn’t. After posting a maid request on a used goods marketplace, a goddess came…! A woman who’s not afraid to use her hands! As it got hotter and hotter between them, she […]

Ch. 13

170 Ongoing
A person who has wealth, A person with High Social Status… A child born with his father’s golden spoon that denoted all those words. That person was my older brother. Although I was an orphan that was adopted out of […]

Ch. 7

50 Ongoing
After being rejected by her unrequited love, the usually carefree Narae decides she needs to redeem her self-esteem. A normal girl by day, at night Narae now transforms into • BJ Nari, the cosplaying live streamer! It doesn’t matter that […]

Ch. 24

203 Ongoing
The very last try for forgotten actresses. Here comes the top-secret project!

Ch. 20

245 Ongoing
Taeho, who is a perfumer, has been dating Sunhye for seven years. He felt that their relationship was stuck in a rut and needed some change to spice things up. One day, his best friend accidentally spilled a new perfume […]

Ch. 12

180 Ongoing
The national actress is my son’s lover?! Single daddy is a huge fans of actresses. Then one day, his son, who had no interest in women at all, came with her.

Ch. 11

168 Ongoing
After being turned down by his crush at work, he suddenly finds himself set to marry her and work at her family business. But this business is not what it seems… A woman comes to his room at night. “I’m […]

Ch. 10

107 Ongoing
He is living the happiest life on campus with his perfect girlfriend, BOM. But when his sexy ex-girlfriend and seductive childhood friend comes in, things start getting out of control! “But I have a girlfriend!!” Will he be able to […]

Ch. 19

379 Ongoing
A story about six childhood friends that grew up in the same alley. Yunho makes a secret with Yu-Ju Noona in the past and forges another one in the middle of a deep night when everyone is asleep… From the […]

Ch. 8

150 Ongoing
SEUNG-JUN went down to his hometown and started delivering food. As if it were fate, he saw a girl who looked like his first love on a delivery, and his imagination went wild. Somehow, it turned out that he would […]

Ch. 14

97 Ongoing
Kyung-Soo, a high school teacher has his eye on Yura, a girl student who resembles his first love. Even if I draw the line by saying “I am a teacher and she is a student”, Yura tempts me even more […]

Ch. 8

47 Ongoing
A womanizing coach finds his way into an all-girls swimming club! Why do these girls let him do whatever he wants?!

Ch. 24

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12,808 Ongoing
Secret Class is about a wife of two cheating on her husband with whom she has two daughters and a boy they took in.

Ch. 152

6,036 Ongoing
Jun-woo, a freshman, is lodging at a friend’s house near the school. While being cared for by Mikyung, the mistress of the boarding house, one day I see her watching a secret video in her room… “Auntie… I’ve seen it […]

Ch. 116

5,832 Ongoing
Seowoo is a boy who has never had intimate relationships, but he did not know that from a video he saw on the internet he discovers the secret of his young stepmother and his friends, this will make them more […]

Ch. 141

3,670 Ongoing
Kim Jinsoo ends up moving in with his personal bully… Will he be able to find love between his bully and his crush?

Ch. 120

3,594 Ongoing
Hae-Seong is staying at his mom’s friend’s house whose name is Yona. He thought it would be enough to study well at school but the top students are good at love too. “The classroom wasn’t only for studying…?!”

Ch. 67.5

3,435 Ongoing
At the age of 13, Dolsoe, who blushed just looking at the youngest woman, soon grew up to be a strong young man. There is a different tension between the woman who has become more mature and beautiful and her […]

Ch. 39

2,741 Ongoing
It’s the generation of the Corona outbreak! Due to a shortage of medical personnel, “Hwang Gwangho,” an intern doctor, was forcibly assigned to a place called “Mermaid Village.” One day, he meets “Hyeyeon,” one of the village’s Haen-Yeos who is […]

Ch. 16

2,682 Ongoing
“Can’t… keep my… voice down.” Nii-chan thrusting in me again and again. We shouldn’t be doing this as siblings… so, why does it feel this good…?

Ch. 86

2,347 Ongoing
JUN-SUK moves to the city to attend college, and what welcomed him were the breasts of her mother’s friend. Living with MI-YUNG, he finds it hard to control his urges whenever he’s with the mature, sexy lady.

Ch. 53

2,290 Ongoing
After 7 years of unrequited love towards Jung Eunkyung who was only interested in Park Kyutae, Park Hyungsoo started to have feelings for his older brother’s wife. Besides Jung Eunkyung and Da Boyoung, Hyungsoo felt also attracted towards other women… […]

Ch. 111.5

2,282 Ongoing
Ho-Seung, an unpopular office worker who works for one of the largest corporations in Korea, is crouched over like a sinner because he was accused of setting up a camera in the women’s bathroom. In the end, however, he was […]

Ch. 165

2,143 Ongoing
Will Junie be able to touch Darla the way Darla touches him?

Ch. 245

2,044 Ongoing
‘Teacher… Is it possible to have more classes together?’ Home study teacher Jang Himchan has moved to a dense new city, filled with bored married women. There won’t be a quiet day for him from now on!

Ch. 60

1,931 Ongoing
The most beautiful thing on earth is a woman’s panty. If the person who uses the Panty Note sees a woman’s panty, they will be able to have sex with that woman.

Ch. 98

1,927 Ongoing
old-fashioned and strict Haejin’s team is always at the last place for sales. A newcomer ace saleswoman Mihoo is always clashing with inflexible Haejin for even the smallest thing. “Team leader, you are too strict.” The official story of an […]

Ch. 44

1,895 Ongoing
“You want to eat it too? Married woman! I’ll tell you everything.” Sang-Hyeon, a lecturer at an academy at Mosolada. One day, the sound of a moan heard in an empty lecture room, Sanghyun discovers the scene of star instructor […]

Ch. 88