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143 Ongoing
Joon-Hyun, tired of his female superior’s constant nagging, decides to retaliate by confessing to her… He was certain that the relationship started out as a joke, but seeing his manager whimper beneath him instilled a sense of sadism in him.

Ch. 9

194 Ongoing
In order to escape from the family’s curse forever, ‘Soojin’, the young miss of the mansion has to be with a doll that looks just like her. However, from the moment the beautiful doll is finished, everything in the mansion […]

Ch. 1

499 Ongoing
A secret between 1 guy and 2 girls. It was supposed to just be a game. However, things have started to change… “You can’t tell her about this, okay?”

Ch. 14.5

1,575 Ongoing
I started studying to get close to my favorite senior. Sector D? A “special class” for Huyn-ho, a new university student, begins. “Come on, hold your waist. I’m going to stick it in here, got it?”

Ch. 56